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A four hand massage is the practice of two masseuses working on a single client. It doubles the pleasure of a traditional Swedish massage; two masseuses get to work relieving your kinks, knots, and stresses with simultaneous, mirrored movements. Four hand massage is an excellent option for someone who has trouble relaxing during treatment.

Skilled masseuses familiar with four hand massage not only mirror one another’s hand movements, but also exert an equal amount of pressure on each side in order to produce a balanced, relaxing experience.

This unique type of massage offers other advantages that can benefit spa guests of all ages

Reduced Stress

It is easy to feel stressed out, but massage therapy offers relief to both the body and mind. Give yourself more time to relax and clear your mind by scheduling a four-hand massage. This appointment is sure to reduce tension in the muscles and erase stress. Massages decrease cortisol, a stress hormone, which results in lasting feels of improved mood and relaxation. By essentially getting two massages in one sessions you’re able to achieve a higher state of relaxation during a four hand massage.

Improved Blood Circulation

The body thrives when blood circulates properly. Regular massages can improve the way your blood circulates, which can decrease certain signs of aging like wrinkles and dry skin. This also means that your cells get important nutrients with less of a struggle. It helps move out waste and gasses, which keeps your entire nervous system running more efficiently. Better blood circulation can also keep your blood temperature stable and balanced.

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